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Region: Sicily (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1968
Hectares of vineyards: 12
Annual production: 100,000 bottles
Winemaker: Fabrizio Zardini, Cesare Ferrari
Address: Via Umberto 1° - Loc. Lingua, 98050 - Marina Salina (ME)

The Hauner winery has truly particular origins, in fact its founder Carlo Hauner, from Brescia of Bohemian origin, arrived in the Aeolian Islands for the first time in 1963. He is already an internationally established designer, as well as a painter, but in this corner of paradise finds its homeland of choice. After some summer holidays (longer each year), in the Seventies he moved to Salina. He falls in love with Malvasia and its winemaking and cultivates the idea of starting to produce it. Hauner thus learned local production techniques. When he understands that he is able to operate independently to produce what in the past was known as "nectar of the gods", he goes in search of plots of land left uncultivated due to the strong emigration that brought thousands of Aeolians to Australia and the Americas . He purchased around twenty hectares which he cleaned up, brought back the ancient terraces and, above all, introduced some innovations: he dried the grapes on the vine and experimented with cooling techniques during fermentation. Small revolutions that also attracted Gino Veronelli and which brought Hauner Malvasia to the tables of prestigious restaurants, first in Italy and then in many countries around the world. After the death of Carlo Hauner in February 1996, the company is run with energy by his son Carlo Junior with the precious collaboration of his wife Cristina and his sons Andrea and Michele. Today, around 50,000 bottles of Malvasia are produced, divided into two versions, the natural and the passita. Today the new Hauner cellar is a modern building built in Aeolian style, equipped with a futuristic refrigeration system and steel barrels alongside the wooden ones for ageing. The company adds Salina Bianco, Salina Rosso (medium alcoholic table wines) and Antonello, a full-bodied wine aged in barrique to Malvasia. In the labels, we find the shapes and colors that its founder loved so much: the shapes, the colors of the vegetation of Salina, the reds and oranges of the moon and dawn, the black of the volcano, the blue of the sea. Wines as works of art.

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