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Region: Australia
Year of foundation: 1845
Hectares of vineyards: 618
Winemaker: Steve Lienert, Kym Schroeter, Andrew Baldwin, Adam Clay, Stephanie Dutton e Matt Woo
Address: 58 Queensbridge Street - Southbank -VIC 3005

The wines of the Penfolds winery take us to the boundless lands of Australia, where the English doctor Christopher Penfold and his wife Mary moved back in 1884. The large lands surrounding the farm built by the couple in the city of Adelaide offered the opportunity to plant the vine shoots that the Penfolds had brought with them from England. In a few years the vineyards transformed into a large winery and by 1920 the estate was producing 1/3 of all the wine on the Australian continent. Sherry, brandy and fortified wines were the first productions and were soon joined by an original and innovative nectar which became, not without difficulty, the most loved wine throughout Australia: it was Grange, a wine created in the 1950s by oenologist Max Schubert. The originality of this wine can be traced back to the experimental choices made by the winemaker who, returning from trips to Spain and Portugal, decided to use his beloved Syrah grape and vinify it with techniques discovered in European experiences. Not immediately appreciated, the Grange continued to be perfected in great secrecy until it became that masterpiece of oenological excellence, still today awarded with the highest scores by international sector magazines and which in 2001 was awarded the official title of heritage icon of the South Australia. Alongside the Grange, the winery's top-of-the-range wine, the Penfolds collections today feature a varied assortment of bottles that combine respect for traditions with the ability to innovate and keep up with the times. The grapes used continue to be genuine, qualitatively perfect and rigorously selected. In the large vineyards, kissed by the Australian sun, precious vines ripen in which Chardonnay, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon berries predominate. Bottles produced in purity, such as Bin 407 and Koonunga Hill Shiraz, are accompanied by blend labels, where the different grapes meet and mix with balance and harmony. The Cellar Reserve presents special and limited editions of strictly artisanal wines, such as Fiano, Grenache and Durif.

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