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Region: Sicily (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1833
Hectares of vineyards: 100
Annual production: 3,000,000 bottles
Winemaker: Carlo Casavecchia
Address: Via Vincenzo Florio 1, 91025 - Marsala (TP)

Florio is an innovator by tradition who reveals an unexpected world, a contemporary craftsman with an intense, unusual and precious soul. Wines of the highest rank to be savored on many occasions, fortified wines, dessert wines and sparkling wines to be rediscovered as an aperitif, dessert and meditation. Born in the "band of the sun", an area that expresses a delicate relationship between microclimate, vineyard and soil, Florio is a company that over the last two centuries has gained unique experience, thanks to respect for tradition, attention to detail and innovative visions. A line of products strongly linked to the territories of origin and presented in a modern look. A brand that transmits strong sensations, thanks also to the fascinating stories linked to the birth of a historic product, of an exceptional family and its multiple interests. A continuous search for quality carried out through the choice of the best fruits, careful and innovative processing with the aim of creating products rich in sensations as warm as the lands from which they are born. Strategic areas suited to inimitable production. A strategy aimed by definition at excellence, a company philosophy that has taken care of the quality of details for almost two centuries. To savor the centuries-old history and grandeur of a Marsala , the name Florio is an absolute guarantee, an indispensable brand, a point of reference. Marsala, but not only: the Florio winery has specialized in the production of other typically Sicilian bottles, from Passito di Pantelleria to Moscato di Alessandria , passing through Grillo and even grappa.

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