The Hungarian paradox responds to the name of Tokaji (Aszú): it is in fact the best known Hungarian wine (if not the only one…), but in reality it represents only 4% of the total Magyar production. Hungary was, in the last century, a wine power and this is testified by the fact that even today it is divided into 22 production regions. However, its troubled history, including the Soviet domination, has prevented a progressive and constant development of its viticulture. Today the many native vines present (Hárslevelü, Kéknyelü, Muscat Lunel, Olaszrizling (Riesling Italico), Orémus, Kadarka, Kékoporto, Zweigelt, etc.) are reserved only for local production and even the wines produced with the so-called "international" grapes are little known and distributed. It is also true that with the end of the Cold War, wineries started producing quality wine again, introducing new and modern winemaking technologies. However, the interest of new investors has focused above all on the Tokaji Aszú raisin wine and today this wine is recovering the fame and prestige it enjoyed in past centuries. “Aszú” is the term used in Hungary to indicate “withered grapes affected by noble rot”, Tokaji is the city that identifies its area of origin. Historically, Tokaji Aszú was the first wine produced with grapes affected by noble rot. The grape with which Tokaji Aszú is produced is Furmint. Tokaji Eszencia is the most sought after and complex type: it is an explosion of aromas and flavours, a never cloying sweetness, well balanced with acidity, with persistence bordering on the incredible. Tokaji Aszú wines are traditionally marketed in typical Hungarian bottles of transparent glass with a capacity of 500 ml

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