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EXOTICO - "Destiladora González Lux"
Data sheet
Production philosophy
in small wooden barrel (barriques) for up to 6 months
Alcoholic content
Alcohol content
Bottle size
70cl bottle
Vinopuro Reference
Vinopuro Reference
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€ 37,10
DELUXE Gift Box of 1 bottle
DELUXE Gift Box of 1 bottle
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Recommended glass
Tulip Goblet
The glass suitable for Tequila is tulip-shaped to give, at the same time, a good contact surface with oxygen and an optimal direction of the aromas towards the nose.
Serving temperature
13-15 °C

Exotico Tequila Reposado is a high quality distillate, the flagship of the production of the Mexican distillery Exotico , owned by the Gonzalez family. The distillery is located in the state of Jalisco and is among the best known and most renowned in all of Mexico, thanks to the distillates produced with artisanal methods. Exotico Tequila Reposado is made from agave leaves grown in the Mexican state itself. The leaves are harvested when they have reached the perfect point of ripeness, to then be steamed. After which the juices are extracted, obtaining the agua miel. The fermentation of agua miel takes place with the addition of a special yeast patented by the Exotico distillery itself. The first fermentation is followed by two more, in special stills. A long manufacturing process, aimed at extracting the best aromas to give the final product a round and truly irresistible taste. To make the product perfect, it is left to age for at least 6 months in white oak barrels. A final step that gives particular aromas and harmonious nuances to this particular, really interesting tequila.

Producer "EXOTICO - "Destiladora González Lux""
EXOTICO - "Destiladora González Lux"
Foundation year: 1850
Address: Aranda - Jalisco (Mexico)
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