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Cantina Paitin

Cantina Paitin
Region: Piedmont (Italian wines)
Address: Via Serra Boella, 20 12052 Neive (CN)

Squeezed between the last offshoots of Piedmont and the first Ligurian hills, the Langhe represent the cradle of Piedmontese viticulture: an area with a very high wine-growing vocation where vines have been cultivated since Roman times. Here are the vineyards of the Paitin winery, a label that has written some of the most important pages in the history of Italian winemaking. Its origins date back to 1796, the year in which great-great-grandfather Benedetto Elia purchased the first vineyards. Already at the end of the 19th century the winery exported its wines and bottled one of the first Barbarescos in history. Respect for traditions and the territory, passion and hard work still define the philosophy of the Paitin winery today: its wines are able to fully express the close link with the precious terroir of origin. The work done in the vineyard is completed in the cellar. The nature of each vine dictates the timing of the work: haste is no friend of excellence. The oenologists of the Paitin cellars know how to expertly use the warmth of wood to tame the boldness of Nebbiolo or enhance the complexity of Barbaresco. Long macerations, conducted according to the ancient Piedmontese technique of "submerged cap", allow the must to acquire the fine, rich aromatic profile of the skins. The elegance of the Barbaresco "Sorì Paitin", the sumptuous aroma of the white wine "Elisa Langhe Arneis", the fascinating notes of the "Campolive Barbera d'Alba" are clear examples.

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