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Region: Campania (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1878
Hectares of vineyards: 340
Annual production: 2,300,000 bottles
Winemaker: Massimo di Renzo
Address: Via Manfredi 75/81, 83042 - Atripalda (AV)

The Mastroberardino family has lived in the wine-growing socio-cultural context for over two centuries. Since then, ten generations have run the family business, with ups and downs, as always happens in the stories of family businesses of older origins. The family estates are located in Irpinia, cradle of three DOCGs: Greco di Tufo, Fiano di Avellino and Taurasi, distributed in the various areas of the territory with the aim of preserving their identity and ensuring primary protection, continuity and development then, of native viticulture. The origins of the Mastroberardino family date back to the 18th century, but the date of birth of the company is 1878. It is established, in fact, that just 3 centuries ago a certain Berardino, called by the professional nickname of "Mastro", that is " maestro", began his activity as a winemaker in the heart of Irpinia, in Atripalda. Since then 19 generations have carried on the family business. The categorical imperative for all the Mastrobernardinos, who followed one another, was not only to combine tradition and innovation, and this philosophy has always led to great successes, but also and above all to safeguard and enhance the native vines, such as the Fiano, Aglianico and Greco. A commitment fulfilled with so much care and dedication that the fame of these vines, also thanks to the Mastroberardinos, has gone beyond the borders of Italy, drawing the attention of the whole world.

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