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Region: Japan
Address: Kochi Prefecture Aki Hon 4-chome No. 6 No. 25 Yubinbango 784-0004, (Japan)

Ryoma is the rum of Japanese origin, one of a kind and markedly inspired by traditional Western production techniques. This rum is counted among the flagship products of the Kikusui Shuzo Co. Ltd distillery which is located in the south of the Japanese archipelago, and exactly on the island of Shikoku. In the territory of Shikoku, right in the eastern part of Kochi prefecture, there is Kuroshio, a village on a human scale, known as the oldest producer of sugar cane in Japan and which at the beginning of the 20th century also represented the largest of the Rising Sun. In reality, distillation processes in Japan not only have a long tradition behind them, but have been the subject of radical transformations, especially over the last twenty years. During the 19th century, in fact, techniques were mainly focused on the production of quality whisky. Subsequently, thanks to the birth of new distilleries, production also extended to sake, shochu and various local products. However, the real boom in production in Japan occurred between the 70s and 80s, a period in which the Kikosui Shuzo Co. Ltd distillery began to concentrate the techniques acquired over time for the creation of Ryoma rum, thanks to the climate favorable for the cultivation of sugar cane. Today Ryoma rum stands out not only for its high quality, but for the careful selection of raw materials, as well as for the distillation process constantly monitored at every stage of its development. Ryoma thus becomes the true flagship of Kikosui Distillery, that is, a label that cannot disappoint enthusiasts and true admirers of Caribbean rums.

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