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Tenimenti Civa

Tenimenti Civa
Year of foundation: 1956
Hectares of vineyards: 43
Annual production: 450.000
Address: Via Subida, 16 hamlet. Bellazoia - 33040 Povoletto (Udine) – Italy

Bellazoia is the easternmost hamlet of the Municipality of Povoletto, a small village made up of houses built mostly along the main artery and on the side street. Since time immemorial it has been an agricultural center where part of the population is dedicated to viticulture. Tenimenti Civa raises vines in the green countryside and in the hills located north of the town. The farms nestled on the side of the woods show inclinations towards the plain which slowly slopes down to the sea. The village of Bellazoia has around 130 inhabitants, forgotten for a long time due to its somewhat secluded geographical position, but has regained new impetus and life thanks to agricultural companies such as Tenimenti Civa and other local economic activities.

Until not long ago, talking about quality wine in modern distribution might have seemed like a contradiction in terms. Today consumers are increasingly attentive to what they put in their shopping cart: consumption patterns have changed and supermarket shelves have been enriched, where they can find medium-high quality wines and top-quality Italian and international brands. It is from this analysis that Valerio Civa decided to found the Tenimenti Civa agricultural company in Bellazoia, in the Colli Orientali del Friuli, giving life to an innovative and unique high-level agricultural project aimed at large-scale retail trade. The wines, white and red, are produced with proprietary grapes and from very small suppliers as well as precious collaborators who participate with Tenimenti Civa in the realization of the high quality production project.

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