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Region: Lombardy (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1919
Hectares of vineyards: 22
Annual production: 350,000 bottles
Winemaker: Luca Readaelli
Address: Via Cappuccini 16 23037 Tirano (SO)

A borderland between Alpine and Mediterranean cultures, Valtellina has over time been able to offer a range of wines of the highest level. Heroic viticulture has always been expressed, steep mountains and very steep slopes imply very hard, sometimes incredible work. The Plozza winery is no exception and, with its wines, manages to express all the passion and experience of the local winemakers, enhancing the territory and transmitting extraordinary emotions. Since 1919, the year of its foundation, the winery has been able to make the most of the extremely particular territory, known for its numerous terraces created by dry stone walls and for the variety of climate, influenced by the cold winds from the north and mitigated by the warm currents of the south. All this coming together of different conditions has generated, over the centuries, the perfect environment for the growth of Nebbiolo, which in Valtellina they call Chiavennasca, a grape that the winery has been able to treat with absolute care and respect for traditions, but always projecting however, an eye to the future and innovation. Alongside the favors of nature, other factors contribute to the success of the winery: passion, experience and creativity allow us to obtain noble, rich and original wines. At Plozza Vini, creativity has been and will always be the underlying theme of the company philosophy. It is this inspiration that gave birth, for example, to Sforzato, on the market since 1946. Among the main factors underlying the quality of the products, there are also the time dedicated to processing and an optimal infrastructure for vinification and maturation . In 2000 Plozza Vini decided to use oak barrels and barriques for the maturation phase. This process, however, requires time, space and large investments: the precious barriques can in fact only be used for three steps. The wide range of wines produced stands out for being able to produce tradition and innovation, starting from traditional Valtellina wines such as Sforzato, Grumello or Sassella, reaching up to more personal and innovative choices such as "Numero 1", "l 'Intrigue' and the 'Fifty/50'.

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