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Vite Colte

Vite Colte
Region: Piedmont (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 2016
Hectares of vineyards: 300
Annual production: 950,000 bottles
Winemaker: Bruno Cordero
Address: Via Bergesia, 12 - 12060 Barolo (CN)

Vite Colte is a splendid example of quality cooperative viticulture. This cooperative winery, which until 2016 was called Terre da Vino, brings together 180 small winemakers who provide DOC and DOCG grapes from all the suitable areas of Piedmont. Different generations have come together to give life to a very precious combination of ancient peasant knowledge, experiences and knowledge, passion for their work and love for their vineyards and their lands. This company represents a production reality with few comparisons in Italy, which is therefore establishing itself thanks to a very solid project, with approximately three hundred hectares of vineyards in total. An important base, which allows for high-level production, with real peaks of excellence. A wide range of products packaged in the new, huge and highly technological cellar located in Barolo, in the heart of the Langhe. A company that sets itself as a point of reference for the entire Piedmont region, despite having its strong point in Barolo, the true flag of Italian wine. However, nothing is left to chance: research, for example, and technological innovation are the founding pillars of the new reality. Among all the vineyards, many are grown according to the rules of organic farming, while others are managed under integrated management, but the main objective always remains one and only one: to harvest ripe, rich grapes, with full respect for the environment and ecosystem. In the cellar, each production step complies with rigorous procedures, and the most scrupulous care is given to each phase. Labels that are the fruit of the art of cultivating vines and producing wine: from Barolo to Barbaresco, from Barbera to Nebbiolo, up to bubbles and spirits.

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