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Podere ai Valloni

Podere ai Valloni
Region: Piedmont (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1980
Hectares of vineyards: 3
Annual production: 12,000 bottles
Winemaker: Matteo Baldin e Luca Faccenda
Address: ViaTraversagna,1 28010 Boca - NO

In 1980 Guido and Cristiana Sertorio fell in love with these places and decided to take over the villa and the attached vineyard and completely restore them, giving life to Podere ai Valloni; the entire property was in a state of abandonment at the time, but the love for wines and for this land around Boca, in Upper Piedmont, were intertwined in starting this family business. The rural residence is located on the hill overlooking the surrounding vineyards and is built around a historic 18th century building, renovated and subsequently expanded. The surrounding woods are part of the Monte Fenera Natural Park, in a truly extraordinary natural setting; here the vineyards and the wine have a very deep history, already the Gallo-Celts, before the arrival of the Romans, cultivated the vine and produced the wine then, about two hundred years ago the noble Finazzi, on these hills introduced the Nebbiolo vine and gave birth to the first professional vineyard in the area, paving the way for the recent history of wine production in the area with Boca wines. The production activity has always remained deliberately artisanal and family-oriented with a strong vocation for the protection, protection and enhancement of the environment: this is the reason behind the choice of organic farming for all the grapes produced at Podere dei Valloni, certified since 2011 The objective is to be artisans of the environment, which first of all means taking care of the history, of the ancient vineyard, of the ancient buildings, of the woods, creating a reality in harmony with the surrounding nature. Chemical herbicides and insecticides have never been used. It should be noted that the vineyards stand on the rocks of the Valsesia Supervolcano, dating back 300 million years ago: these are mainly porphyries with a characteristic red-purple colour, which give the peculiar characteristics of elegance and minerality to the wines, making them unique and with a strong personality.

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