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Ferruccio Deiana

Ferruccio Deiana
Region: Sardinia (Italian wines)
Annual production: 350,000 bottles
Address: Via Gialeto, 7 - 09060 Settimo S.Pietro (CA)

Ferruccio Deiana is a man who has spent his life aiming for excellence. Born and raised on a small farm on the Campidano hills, in southern Sardinia, Ferruccio has always had an immoderate passion for his land and its fruits. From a young age, he knew that he would dedicate his life to the production of high quality wine and after completing his oenological studies, he began working as a salesman for several wineries in Sardinia. He learned a lot from these experiences, but he knew that his true calling would be to create his own wines that expressed the essence of his homeland. And so at the end of the 90s, Ferruccio founded his cellar and began cultivating his vines with love and great care. He chooses to work only with local grapes to create authentic and unique wines. But Ferruccio doesn't stop there. He continues to experiment and innovate, trying to develop increasingly advanced winemaking techniques. His goal is to create wines that not only taste good, but also tell a story. Today, the Deiana winery is one of the most popular companies in Sardinia. Its wines are requested all over the world for their elegance, their finesse and their depth. But Ferruccio is not just a successful wine producer: he is also a man who has spent his life seeking excellence and telling a story through his wine. And this is the true soul of its bottles: a soul that can be felt in every sip. The cultivated varieties are the most typical and traditional ones of Sardinia: Vermentino, Monica, Cannonau, Carignano, Bovale or Bovaleddu, Barbera Sarda, Malvasia, Nasco and Moscato. Also worth highlighting is the winery's commitment to preserving nature and the surrounding environment. methods and tools with low environmental impact are therefore used to achieve this noble objective.

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