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Fattoria Le Pupille

Fattoria Le Pupille
Region: Tuscany (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1978
Hectares of vineyards: 65
Annual production: 450,000 bottles
Winemaker: Christian Le-Sommer e Valentina Valenza
Address: Location Piagge del Maiano - Istia d'Ombrone (GR)

With Fattoria Le Pupille we are in Maremma, in the southern part of Tuscany: on one side the Tyrrhenian Sea, towards the interior is a succession of more or less gentle hills overlooking the imposing silhouette of Mount Amiata. And it is precisely from one of these soft and sensual hills that the story of Fattoria Le Pupille was born. Over the years, in fact, the original nucleus has been enriched with new vineyard plots until it now reaches 75 hectares of vineyard, distributed like many pieces of a mosaic among the most suitable areas of the area.

They called it the Lady of Morellino and also the Ambassador of the Maremma for having brought its values, aromas and intensity around the world. She is Elisabetta Geppetti and she was the first female president of a Consortium when in 1992 she took over the reins of the newly established Morellino di Scansano Consortium, a role she holds again today. The German newspaper Der Feinschmecker proclaimed her “Producer of the Year” some time ago.

However you put it, you always come back to her, to Elisabetta Geppetti, who gave life to a dream thanks to the tenacity of her character and the enthusiasm of her youth. Almost thirty years have passed since the dream became reality and nothing has changed regarding Elisabetta Geppetti's tenacity and enthusiasm; what has made the difference in recent years has been the entrepreneurial ability that today sees her managing a company that excels in Maremma in terms of size and turnover. Not only that, there is also private life which for Elisabetta Geppetti means first and foremost five children, of which the eldest daughter, Clara, is already involved in the front row of the company's business. The excellence and success of the wines produced at Fattoria Le Pupille also derive from the collaboration of internationally renowned oenologists, such as Giacomo Tachis, Riccardo Cotarella and Luca d'Attoma, known as the Armani of wine. This is how high-caliber red wines are born that establish themselves as points of reference in the Italian wine scene.

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