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Region: Puglia (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1950
Hectares of vineyards: 200
Annual production: 1,800,000 bottles
Winemaker: Gianni Cantele
Address: SP 365, km 1 - Guagnano (LE)

Cantine Cantele was founded in 1979 by Giovanni Cantele and his two sons Augusto and Domenico. However, the roots that gave life to this initiative are to be found first in the merchant activity that Giovanni carried out in the 1950s, when he sold the typical wines of Salento in the Veneto territory, then, with the transfer to Puglia of his two sons and the consequent purchase of the first vineyards. However, the Cantele family's dream truly blossomed in 2003, the year in which the current Cantele winery was inaugurated, which extends over 150 hectares of managed land and 50 hectares of owned land: these vineyard lands are located in the area between Guagnano and Salice Salentino. Currently the Cantine Cantele, in total continuity with the past, are managed by Giovanni Cantele's grandchildren. Cantine Cantele are located in the heart of Guagnano, in an area dedicated to Negroamaro and Primitivo. It is no coincidence that both vines are the backbone of this production reality. Grown on sandy limestone soil, the vines enjoy the beneficial influences of the sea air. The most prestigious Cantele labels come from the grapes of a Negramaro vineyard more than half a century old. Furthermore, since the 2014 harvest, Cantine Cantele has collaborated with the Bari Faculty of Agriculture and with ISPA-CNR in the context of important research projects. The decision to minimize both the environmental impact of cultivation and the phytosanitary residues in the wine as much as possible dates back to the same year. Among the native vines grown by this winery there are also Susumaniello and Fiano del Salento, while among the international vines the cultivated vine is Chardonnay, now perfectly integrated into the territory. Synthesis of tradition and innovation, the Cantine Cantele are able to enhance the typicality of the wines of the Apulian winemaking tradition. This prestigious structure also hosts within its walls iSensi, a synesthetic laboratory designed to research particulate sensorial and olfactory identities. The common thread of this multi-sensory journey is always the vine cultivation techniques and the wine.

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