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Region: Veneto (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1950
Hectares of vineyards: 17
Annual production: 1,000,000 bottles
Winemaker: Fabio Roversi
Address: Via del Pra' Fontana, - Valdobbiadene (TV)

The Ruggeri winery was founded in 1950 by Giustino Bisol, but the roots go much further back. The Bisol family boasts, in fact, a centuries-old history as well as deep roots in the Valdobbiadene area. In fact, the toponym "Case Bisoi" (i.e. "the Houses of Bisol") is found in ancient maps, in the center of the current area called Cartizze. Today, the company is led by Paolo Bisol, supported by his children Giustino and Isabella, and includes some of the most beautiful vineyards in the entire area, including a small plot in the Cru di Cartizze, as well as around twenty hectares in the areas surroundings. The Ruggeri winery is also supported by suppliers who own vineyards in the most suitable areas of the entire Prosecco denomination, for example in the historic hamlets of San Pietro di Barbozza, Santo Stefano and Saccol. In the vineyard, cultivation is based on the utmost respect for the environment and the ecosystem and the harvested grapes represent the top of production and quality. In the cellar, the rooms have been completely renovated and expanded so as to be able to accommodate and process large quantities of Glera grapes. With the best machinery and equipment, with two totally independent receiving lines, with five soft pressing presses, or with the aid of the most modern and innovative technologies, Ruggeri manages to guarantee a significant number of bottles, always characterized by a quality at the top. The most significant labels are undoubtedly “Giustino B.”, “Vecchie Viti”, Extra Brut and Cartizze - arriving at the Valdobbiadene “Santo Stefano”, “Giall'Oro” and “Quartese”. These sparkling wines, in addition to expressing the highest quality standards, are always elegant, endowed with great finesse and decidedly balanced.

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