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Region: Best cognacs (France)
Address: Allée des Trois Jeannette - 16200 JARNAC

Well known in the panorama of cognac producers, the Maison AE Dor was founded way back in 1858 by Amédée Edouard Dor, in the municipality of Jarnac. The latter is located in the French region of New Aquitaine, famous for its winemaking tradition and the high quality of the grapes: the vines, moreover, develop in particularly favorable conditions thanks to the mild climate and the calcareous composition of the soil. Maison AE Dor mainly uses Ugni Blanc grapes, often integrated to a lesser extent with vines such as Folle Blanche and Colombard. The white wine obtained is subjected to a particular distillation process, so as to obtain the fine Cognacs to which the winery's fame is owed. The distillation implemented by the company does not take place continuously, but rather in two distinct phases, according to the Charentais method. Subsequently, the distillate is subjected to evaporation in a part of the cellar known as Paradis, where bottles of Cognac distilled before 1874 are kept. The product is then left to age in Limousin oak barriques for up to several decades: in this period of over time it noticeably decreases in volume, but refines extraordinary olfactory and gustatory scents. Thanks to these techniques, the Maison AE Dor creates several famous cognacs, including Pur Cru Fins Bois and Nolly. Furthermore, it should be mentioned that the cellar is dedicated to the production of brandy, vodka and rum, also following a long and careful process.

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