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Region: USA - California

Everclear is a distillery producing moonshine, which has returned to being legal in several countries since 2010, including the United States. Moonshine is in fact the name by which alcohol that was distilled illegally, without state authorizations, was called in slang in America. “Moonshine” is defined as an unaged white whiskey, usually produced from corn, its main ingredient. It is produced in two different strengths: 75.5% and 95%, the sale of the latter version is still prohibited in some countries around the world and in some American states. It was called moonshine because the clandestine distillation took place at night and was generally produced and transported by migrants of Irish and Scottish origin who knew the recipe for what they called in Gaelic "uisce beatha", the water of life.

This is not an exclusively American product: in almost every country in the world there is a variety of moonshine that was, and still is, home-distilled, from Albania's raki to Armenia's Oghee to Cuba's gualfara to Finland's pontikka , and the list could grow, mostly made up of illegal products. The Everclear distillery produces various types of moonshine which are bottled in typical transparent jam jars, this is because the size and transparency allowed the alcohol content to be assessed. They have become a real collector's product. These products are considered among the most alcoholic spirits in the world. To try!

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