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Region: Campania (Italian wines)
Address: Contrada Campo Aperto - Via Cortejoanna, 2 - 83030 Lapio Avellino

The Joaquin winery is based in Irpinia, and more precisely in the territory of Montefalcione, in the province of Avellino. It is an area with a deep-rooted food and wine tradition, known throughout the world for famous wines such as Fiano, Taurasi and Greco di Tufo: products closely connected to their land of origin, made from native grapes and appreciated throughout the world. The company in question is based on principles such as terroir, respect for the environment, the recovery of Campania's past and its reconciliation with the most innovative agricultural techniques. Initially the founder, Raffaele Pagano, used purchased grapes; little by little, he then began to cultivate his own estates, carrying out the first harvest in 2006. He obtained around 2000 bottles of Aglianico, but since then production has grown exponentially, to the point of making the cellar a cornerstone of the regional winemaking activity ( and not only). Joaquin uses both red and white grape varieties, typical of the area and grown in optimal conditions, thanks to the mild climate and the clay-limestone nature of the soil. The winery uses Fiano grapes, originating from the province of Avellino, and Aglianico, widespread throughout southern Italy. Sometimes other vines are used, such as Falanghina, Greco and Biancolella. The result is unique wines, of great value and with a strong personality, which can be immediately linked to the name and fame of the company. Among the most appreciated white wines of the Joaquin winery we mention the Bianco "Dall'isola", the Fiano "Piante a Lapio" and the "Vino della Stella", while for the reds we remember the Aglianico "I Viaggiatori" and the Taurasi " Of society".

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