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Region: South Tyrol (Italian wines)
Annual production: 20,000 bottles
Address: Via degli Alpini 11 / Mazzon 39044 Egna (BZ)

In the southernmost part of the Alto Adige region, there is a small but renowned town called Mazzon, which is part of the municipality of Egna, where the land is particularly suited to the cultivation of Pinot Noir, this has been taking place since the second half of nineteenth century. Precisely on this sunny plateau, stands the Kollerhof estate, a farm of seventeenth-century origin, where the Visintin family has placed the roots of its own winery since 1965. The property has approximately four hectares of vineyard, mainly cultivated with Pinot Noir, but with a small and welcome surprise; in fact, among the plants, one can also count on the presence of a vine called Solaris, a particular variety belonging to the PIWI grape family, created as a botanical graft in Germany and Switzerland, and which has an uncommon resistance against many types of infestations, typical of the vine and very resistant to bad weather. Precisely this last characteristic makes Solaris perfect for the soils of that area which, due to the particular position, have really important temperature variations and not all types of grapes adapt to them. The passion and family tradition have led to particular attention to this splendid territory, even if the aid of the best oenological technologies leads to giving value to the raw material, the grapes, and consequently to the particular nuances that the related wines can achieve. to express themselves in their best expression.

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