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Tenuta i Fauri

Region: Abruzzo (Italian wines)
Annual production: 180,000 bottles
Address: Strada Corta, 9 - 66100 Chieti (CH)

In Chieti, in the deep south of Abruzzo, Tenuta i Fauri develops, a small and very interesting production company, nestled between the Maiella hills and the Adriatic Sea. The Di Camillo family operates here and, after a profound re-planning of their ideas, decided to stop producing and bottling for third parties and started production in their own name, with all family members involved in the production activity, followed by every step, from cultivation to harvest, from winemaking to bottling. The company's land expresses itself and branches out across several surrounding municipalities, such as Chieti, Villamagna, Ari and Francavilla al Mare, counting on a total extension of approximately thirty-five hectares of vineyards, planted with a majority of Trebbiano and Montepulciano, but without missing out rows of pecorino and passerina, highly appreciated and sought after native vines. The family's philosophy has always been that of conservation and respect for nature and all its ecosystems and, as a natural evolution, organic certification arrived in 2021, further testimony to the Di Camillos' great attention to these delicate and fundamental issues. If the agronomic part is the prerogative of father Domenico and daughter Valentina, it is brother Luigi who takes care of the oenological supervision, therefore in the cellar, from pressing to the last bottle made. For this process, the estate only applies spontaneous fermentations, without the addition of yeasts, with rigorous aging in concrete barrels and steel tanks, in such a way as to preserve every varietal characteristic of the reference grape. From this careful process, decisive and substantial wines are born, without frills and well defined which do not compromise and truly reflect the strong character of Abruzzo.

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