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Region: Campania (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 2000
Hectares of vineyards: 5
Annual production: 25,000 bottles
Winemaker: Fortunato Sebastiano
Address: Contrada Case Bianche, 8, 84076 Torchiara SA

The year 2000, the beginning of the new millennium and the beginning of the new entrepreneurial and winemaking adventure by Elisabetta Iuorio and Pasquale Mitrano, former architects, whose passion for nature and wine led them to open the Casebianche agricultural company, named after the Contrada White Houses where, in fact, the cellar is located. We are in the municipality of Torchiara, in the province of Salerno, within the Cilento, Vallo di Diano and Alburni national park, recently declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A small family-artisan business immersed in an area absolutely rich in terms of flora and fauna: in fact the 14 hectares on which the estate extends, of which 5 are under vineyards, are the natural expression of biodiversity; in addition to citrus fruits and olive trees, the best figs in Italy are also grown, the famous Cilento Dop. A slice of wild land, an uncontaminated paradise, between Mount Stella, which protects from the cold winds that blow from the north and the Cilento sea. Elisabetta and Pasquale were, right from the start, very attentive to the environmental impact, in fact the Casebianche wines are all certified organic, assisted by the young and famous oenologist Fortunato Sebastiano, who joined the Cilentan company in 2006 and who led to the first bottling in the following year. It should be underlined that the geology of the area presents a peculiar characteristic that brings a great vocation to viticulture: it is the "Cilento flysch", i.e. a sequence of marl, clay and sandstone, thanks to which wines with a pleasant freshness are produced. In the vineyards intervenes as little as possible, with simple mechanical processes and natural fertilizations (including green manure), using only copper, sulfur and clay as defenses: we therefore obtain grapes with always balanced maturation which make up the various wines of the company as a truly unusual sparkling wine, that is, the zero dosage “La Matta” from Fiano grapes and the sparkling Aglianico rosé Paestum PGI “Il Fric”, both obtained with the ancestral method, i.e. with spontaneous refermentation in the bottle. The “Cumalè” Cilento Fiano Doc and “Cupersito” Aglianico Cilento DOC are produced in purity, while the blends created for the Bianco Paestum PGI "Iscadoro" and the Rosso Cilento Doc "Dellemore" are equally interesting, authentic expressions of the territory.

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