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Region: Lombardy (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1936
Hectares of vineyards: 65
Annual production: 480,000 bottles
Winemaker: Mattia Vezzola, Nicola Pisa
Address: Via della Costa n.1/A - 25080 Moniga del Garda – Brescia

Costaripa was born from the tradition and passion of the Vezzola family for good wine and for those very beautiful and fascinating shores of Lake Garda; It was Mattia Vezzola himself who, at the end of the 1920s, decided to dedicate himself to this tradition, already rooted in the territory, opening the headquarters of his agricultural company in Moniga del Garda with the aim of promoting and enhancing this wine excellence in the best possible way. Since then, three consecutive generations have dedicated "body and soul" to the study of the surrounding area, seeking the best characteristics and peculiarities to enhance and tell every aspect and expression of the area that hosted and surrounded them. The land owned by the company has 65 hectares of vineyards, mainly dedicated to Groppello, but also leaving room for many other types of grapes, such as Marzemino; each plant is treated with the same care and passion, maintaining the utmost respect for nature and the surrounding ecosystem, also making a careful selection of the product in the vineyard, in order to always maintain high quality standards. The magic happens right in the cellar, each bunch is worked in such a way as to enhance its qualities and make the most of its particularities; each phase of processing, from start to finish, is followed and aided by the most modern and advanced winemaking technologies, while always maintaining a very strong contact with ancient local traditions, advancing these two aspects hand in hand without one prevailing over the other . From this painstaking work, a great variety of bottles labeled "Costaripa" are born, including sparkling wines, but also particular white, rosé and red wines that know how to amaze and be loved.

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