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Region: Puglia (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1979
Hectares of vineyards: 20
Annual production: 120,000 bottles
Winemaker: Girolamo d'Amico
Address: Via Zannotti, 30 - San Severo (FG)

This is a particular winery, which does not have its roots in the past, like many Italian wineries, but in jazz music, an element that initially unites the three friends, Girolamo D'Amico, Louis Rapini and Ulrico Priore who created, in 1979, the appreciated and renowned production of “d'Araprì” sparkling wines (the name is given by the first letters of the three surnames), the only Apulian company that exclusively produces sparkling wines with the classic method and among the very few in all of southern Italy. At the base of everything, the belief of being able to produce fine sparkling wines also in the South and the intuition is to be able to enhance the native "Bombino bianco" vine which, in the sparkling process, manages to express itself in its fullness. A work full of passion and experimentation which however brought, in 2013, the Oscar for best Italian Sparkling Wine, awarded by Bibenda, the magazine and guide of the Italian Sommelier Association (and subsequently other awards) which, in a certain sense, crown the work of thirty-five years of activity and, in this way, the Daunia territory finally establishes itself for the first time in the Italian panorama as an area suited to sparkling wine production with the Classic Method. The assemblies can vary from year to year, according to the French school and this allows d'Araprì to give homogeneity to its production and to create an unmistakable style over time, always achieving the desired quality. In 2019, the children of the 3 founding members, the new generation, become fully involved and to celebrate forty years of activity, a new rosé sparkling wine produced exclusively from Uva di Troia "Sansevieria" arrives. These actions are also undertaken in the wake of the redemption and valorisation of a territory rich in men, traditions and culture, historically suited to quality viticulture, and endowed with a great historical and landscape heritage.

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