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Region: Tuscany (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 2004
Hectares of vineyards: 8
Address: Via del Prato, 5 - Montepulciano (SI)

In 2003 Denis Zeni and Enzo Berlanda, "after years of dreams and desires", decided to abandon the frenetic life of the city and their activities in the world of finance, to return to their origins, in the countryside, to cultivate vines. Their families, in fact, owned land in Vallagrina, an area of Trentino enologically suited to the production of wine. Only 2 hectares of that land remain today, but it is from this point that their extraordinary adventure begins. After about a year, in 2004, the Trentino vineyards were accompanied by the purchase of the Leuta estate in Tuscany, in San Lorenzo di Cortona, near Montepulciano. The 25 hectares of the estate are not yet under vines, but analyzes show that the soil is particularly suitable for the cultivation of vines: in fact, there are sandstones, marl, shales, clays and groundwater debris, all excellent elements for perfect ripening of the grapes . In 2004 the dream came true and "Lagarini di Zeni e Berlanda" was born, the following year the project was started which involves the preparation of 2 hectares of vines every year divided into 6 vineyards: in each vineyard different vines are planted, such as Merlot, Sangiovese, Cabernet Franc and Syrah and different colored roses are planted at the head of each vineyard to protect them from phylloxera and to distinguish them from each other. The wines produced by the cellar, although they have only been on the market for a few years, have absolutely won us over: wines rich in aromas, intense and with a formidable structure and balance. A cellar to discover, tasting after tasting. The winery is in the process of certifying organic production. The harmony that distinguishes them is also enhanced and communicated on the labels, which report the values of the "golden section".

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