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Region: Sardinia (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1435
Hectares of vineyards: 70
Annual production: 500,000 bottles
Winemaker: Stefano Cova
Address: Località Su Baroni, 09010 - Sant'Anna Arresi (CI)

The Mesa winery is recently born, in fact it was founded in 2004, but in this short period of time it has managed to create a series of exceptional wines, which have become famous in Italy and around the world. Its founder is Gavino Sanna, a famous advertiser of Sardinian origin. Its success is due first and foremost to the values that Gavino wanted to spread and which are hidden behind the dark glass of every single bottle: in fact Mesa in Sardinian means 'table' or 'table' and is about the essence of the banquet, the family and the simplicity that this winery was founded. The size and importance of Mesa is, of course, also thanks to the Sardinian territory, extraordinarily suited, and the typical and traditional setting that Gavino Sanna wanted to create. The winery's headquarters, white and minimalist, stands out on the hills overlooking Porto Pino. Inside, tradition takes over and natural rhythms reign, such as the absence of hydraulic pumps: all the wine produced is decanted using the natural fall, so as not to shock the wine, which is so noble and delicate. At the end of the maturation and refinement process, the wine is decanted into a bottle with an attractive and modern design, inspired by the ancient traditions of the island. The bottles of Mesa wines were in fact designed with the aim of representing Sardinia. The dark color recalls the austerity of Sardinian women, bearers of the values of a wonderful land. Around the necks of these metaphorical "women" there are minimal labels that reproduce traditional Sardinian tapestries. Elegance, quality and simplicity are the key words of this winery which really knows how to impress with its wines that are always full of charm.

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