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Vigneti Massa

Vigneti Massa
Region: Piedmont (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1987
Hectares of vineyards: 23
Annual production: 100,000 bottles
Winemaker: Walter Massa
Address: Piazza Capsoni, 10 - Monleale (AL)

The Tortonesi Hills, province of Alessandria, a wine region that has always been known for its red wines, especially Barbera. This was before the arrival of Walter Massa, a brilliant and visionary winemaker who understood that this area could also be a land for whites, for great whites. And he identifies the native Timorasso vine as the pillar of the revitalization of the entire area. The union between this producer and the vine is immediate: Walter Massa is in fact responsible for the rebirth of this ancient variety, which has been interpreted following a new production philosophy, to the point that Walter Massa himself is generally recognized as the "Father of Timorasso”. And, even more importantly, thanks to his intuitions, the entire denomination benefited from it, also witnessing the birth of many new production realities, which in the wake of Massa's success, today give prestige to the entire Colli Tortonesi area. Massa has been working on the Timorasso project since the early 80s and in 1987 there was the first bottling, while starting from 2000 Walter Massa began to separately label the different Timorasso Crus of his property. A winemaking tradition, that of the Massa family, which dates back to 1879, so today "Vigneti Massa" is based on solid foundations, built over time. Currently, the hectares of vines on which the winery can count are approximately 27 and among the rows, in addition to Timorasso, the typical ones of the area are cultivated, namely Barbera, Freisa, Croatina and Moscato. The winery is based in Monleale and its vineyards are arranged like an amphitheatre, almost embracing the whole town. From the "Costa del Vento" to the "Montecitorio", from the "Derthona" to the "Monleale", passing through the red wines, those of Massa are all great labels the result of intuition, experimentation and courage, which arise from the most profound valorisation of what it is the terroir of the Colli Tortonesi.

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