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Luigi Spertino

Luigi Spertino
Region: Piedmont (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1977
Hectares of vineyards: 9
Annual production: 40,000 bottles
Winemaker: Mauro Spertino
Address: Strada Lea, 505 - 14047 Mombercelli (AT)

Luigi Spertino's vineyards are born in the Mandorle area; we are in the Asti area, in the small town of Mombercelli, where since 1977 Luigi has been producing wines of character and of great quality, the result of sustainable and laborious viticulture. Today at the helm of the company is Mauro, Luigi's son, who continues a family tradition that has been handed down for generations in the name of valorising the Grignolino grape, in the land of Monferrato. Deeply linked to his land, Luigi, master of ancient peasant traditions and tireless winemaker, at the age of 90 follows his son Mauro, today the soul and heir of this small, prominent reality in the Piedmontese panorama.
Luigi's vineyards, on grassy soil, are characterized by a large slope. The body of the estate is divided into two sides, with different exposures. On one side the old Barbera vineyards, facing west and on the other the young rows of Pinot Noir facing west. In addition to the steep Cortese vineyards, there are the suitable crus of Grignolino. Much attention is paid to the environmental impact of agricultural activity. Everything is done manually, there are no agricultural machines or tractors, to prevent the soil from becoming too compact and dense and unable to "breathe". Even in the cellar Mauro has chosen a natural way for the transformation of grape juice into wine. The wines reflect all the rural soul of these lands and the passionate and artisanal work of the Spertino family. Expressions of character and personality that recall the taste of ancient tradition and pay homage to the place where these very particular wines come to life. A limited production which among the hills of Monferrato, land of Barbera, stands out for the timeless Grignolino wine, a classic of the Piedmontese tradition.

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