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Di Majo Norante

Di Majo Norante
Region: Molise (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1968
Hectares of vineyards: 85
Annual production: 800,000 bottles
Winemaker: Riccardo Cotarella
Address: Contrada Ramitelli 4, 86042 - Campomarino (CB)

Di Majo Norante has been producing wines from its own grapes since 1800, as evidenced by the cellars under the square and in the old family palace in Campomarino. The dedication to vine cultivation is inherited first from Luigi and then from Alessio Di Majo and is planned today together with the passion for research and experimentation. Di Majo Norante produces its wines exclusively from the 85 hectares of the ancient fiefdom of the Marquises Norante of Santa Cristina. Di Majo Norante's winemaking philosophy respects the traditional approach to vine cultivation and wine production, in an attempt to preserve all the characteristics of Mediterranean grape varieties.

Di Majo Norante pays meticulous attention to the selection, harvesting of the grapes and winemaking techniques, with a view to constantly improving the quality and healthiness of the wine. The vine is treated exclusively with fertilizers of organic and mineral origin and is defended with the constant eradication of weeds and with the biological fight against parasites such as moth, while the remains of pruning are removed to avoid outbreaks of infections.

For these reasons Di Majo Norante is the most representative company of Molise, a region that in recent years has been able to produce truly surprising bottles. From Greco to Aglianico, from Falanghina to Bombino: very valuable wines are born right from the heart of the southern winemaking tradition, of which Don Luigi and Ramitello are among the most authoritative exponents.

The experimentation with these vines and the excellent results achieved have pushed the winery to persevere in a courageous choice that allows it to package wines at naturally competitive prices that respond perfectly to the complexity of contemporary taste.

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