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Terrazze dell'Etna

Terrazze dell'Etna
Region: Sicily (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 2008
Hectares of vineyards: 38
Annual production: 160000 bottles
Winemaker: Nino Bevilacqua
Address: Contrada Bocca d'Orzo - 95036 Randazzo (CT)

The Etna area, in the province of Catania, certainly represents one of the most interesting and intriguing Italian wine-growing areas of recent years, characterized by specific terroirs that make it unique and particularly recognisable, both at a national and international level. As a production reality, Terrazze dell'Etna boasts a very recent history: it was founded by the engineer Nino Bevilacqua, with a strong passion for good wine. His decision to recover land located on a terrace located on the northern section of the volcano, in a place called Bocca d'Orzo, dates back ten years ago. Its objective appears clear from the beginning: to try to highlight the typical production of this area, valorising the native vine as much as possible and trying to reduce human intervention to a minimum, which by winemaking tradition in Sicily is, in reality, historically very present. To date, the company has over thirty-five hectares of land, which however are not all dedicated to grapes: next to the rows there are also olive groves, cherry trees and oak trees: an environment that makes the grapes truly unique and, for those who are lucky enough to visit it, it offers special emotions. In terms of cultivation and choice of vines, the philosophy of this young company is very defined: the Nerello Mascalese stands out among all, a native with very peculiar characteristics. The wines of the cellar originate from the vinification of this native vine, which have a strongly territorial character, as can already be seen from the name. For example, Cirnec, Cratere and Ciuri are included: these are wines that are extremely respectful of a tradition rooted in the Sicilian territory, in particular Catania. The total harmony with the microcosm that revolves around Etna allows you to transmit unique sensations. The winery's trusted oenologist is Roberto Cotarella, a globally recognized expert, who supports the property for the crucial aspects of production, which is divided into ten labels in total.

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