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Masseria Frattasi

Masseria Frattasi
Region: Campania (Italian wines)
Year of foundation: 1779
Hectares of vineyards: 16
Annual production: 90,000 bottles
Winemaker: Renato Ciaramella
Address: Via Torre di Varoni 15 - Montesarchio (BN)

Masseria Frattasi is located in an eighteenth-century building, perfectly preserved by the Cecere Clemente family, owners of the estate for several generations. The Falanghina and Aglianico vineyards, the main grapes of the cellar, have developed around the imposing building of the winery, the former below 380 meters above sea level, while the Aglianico grows at slightly higher altitudes. Rows of foxtail, Greco and Fiano are also grown, and finally cabernet sauvignon, if we consider the international varieties. That of Masseria Frattasi is a typical, heroic mountain agriculture, which develops across a set of hills that descend precipitously onto the plain, where the cold northern winds meet the sea breezes, producing a perfect microclimate for viticulture. The company-owned vineyards currently cover an area of approximately 20 hectares and are managed according to the rules of biodynamic agriculture, so every practice is totally sustainable and has a low environmental impact. In an area highly suited to viticulture, the vineyard cultivation system used for these impervious terrains is the "tennecchia" one, born in the Etruscan era and then remaining unchanged over the centuries. The wine labels deserve special attention, which depict a ceramic design on the front: they are the work of Giustiniani, the most famous ceramist of the eighteenth century, who used the classic yellow, green and blue of the Neapolitan tradition.
The wines are therefore the perfect representation of a territory, that of Sannio, unique and incredible, capable of producing wines with impressive aromatic finesse. With around 180 thousand bottles produced annually, starting from wines such as "Kapnios" and "Caudium", up to "Iovi Tonant" and "Donnalaura", passing through sparkling wines and dessert wines, the great merit of “Masseria Frattasi” winery, which has had the stubbornness to enhance and promote the local vines and wines, all the result of what is the deepest bond that man can establish with his own lands and with his own origins.

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