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Cognac V.S.O.P. Rare Fine Champagne Maison A.E. DOR 50 Cl
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Cognac VSOP Rare Fine Champagne Maison AE DOR 50 Cl with Box

Data sheet
Best cognacs
Production philosophy
in small wooden barrel (barrique) for 8 years
Alcoholic content
Alcohol content
Bottle size
50 cl bottle - with box
Vinopuro Reference
Vinopuro Reference
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€ 47,50

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Recommended glass
Tulip Goblet
Perfect goblet for Cognac: the tulip shape allows the most intense concentration of perfumes, to be smelled and deciphered in its complexity. At the same time, the distillate has a large surface area to oxygenate and thus express itself at its best.
Serving temperature
18-22 °C
The VSOP Rare Fine Champagne Cognac is one of the flagship products of the Maison AE Dor which is carefully dedicated to the production of high quality distillates. Patience is the main ingredient, together with a unique terroir, in this corner of France. Grande Champagne (which has nothing to do with the most famous region in the world for the production of sparkling wines, it is just a case of homonymy) is the area from which the grapes destined for the production of VSOP Rare Fine Champagne Cognac come. The vine used is Ugni blanc which finds ideal conditions for its development in the area. The variety is very resistant to disease and provides grapes with low sugar concentration and adequate acidity. Time does the rest. The company usually lets its distillates age in Limousin oak barrels in which a part of the product, called Part des Angers, evaporates making the cognac concentrate. The Cognac becomes fine, elegant, with a unique aromatic complexity, with fruity and vanilla facets. The minimum refinement for this product is 8 years, at the end of which you can enjoy a soft, elegant and complex distillate which, despite the alcohol content, always remains pleasant without ever exceeding.
Producer "A.E. DOR"
Region: Best cognacs (France)
Address: Allée des Trois Jeannette - 16200 JARNAC
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